Sometimes our stuff starts to get in the way,  And often don’t see what should go or should stay.

With moving and packing and hosting you’ll find, that S.O.S staging is one-of -a-kind! 

What to Expect when we are Staging your Home

We are that Good Neighbour that will maintain the frequent turnover required to re-stage any Vacation Rental! We return each “lived in ” stay back to it’s original state to save you time, repairs, monotonous cleaning and ultimately headaches. Our experts can even meet & greet guests to further enhance the ‘security’ this service really can provide.

Staging also includes Those Big Days and with our event services, we include all the pre/post supports needed for any home size function. We also help with Seasonal Decorating, Move In/Out boxing or unpacking and of course getting sale ready in between!

Sellers can benefit from an experts touch when we showcase your home’s main featured areas by Putting on the Ritz! Let us help you with advice and hands on support for furniture removals, reallocations or suggested rental additions so that you can sell and showcase your space with staged modern style and taste!

Staging has many ways to put your home on display and here’s how we can do that for you:

Here is a sample of our Staging services most commonly included;

Staging for Sale

Deep Clean Stove and Rangehood

Hauling Garbage/Recycle to Receptacles

Clean Oven(s)

Dust surfaces throughout the home

Clean Refrigerator and Freezer

Clean Windows, Glass and Mirrors

Wipe Down Tables, Set or Clean Tables, Wipe Down

Assist Packing and Storage of Items

Vacuum, Wash Floors

Remove all Small Appliances/Objects

Fingerprint Removal on Doors and Switches

Clean Flowerbeds and Remove dead Leaves/Weeds/Debris

Wipe Down Railings

Perform Edging around Patio Stones and Gardens

Remove Wall Hangings

Trim any Bushes, Hedges or Tree Branches

Set Up Furniture for Aesthetic Appeal (No Lifting over 20lbs)

Mow and Rake Lawn

Wipe Down Outdoor Patio Furniture

Remove All Garbage, Equipment and Personal Objects Outdoors

Clean Bedrooms, Minimize Furniture (Provide Linens if necessary)

Declutter and Organize Garage


Staging for Events

Clean Oven(s)

Deep Clean Stove and Rangehood

Clean Refrigerator and Freezer

Load and Unload Dishwasher

Hand Wash Stemware and Crystal

Wipe Down Tables, Set or Clean Tables, Wipe Down

Pack or Unpack Party Essentials

Polish Silver and Silverware

Prep Ice Buckets, Coolers for Party Drinks

Fold Cocktail Napkins

Wash Candle Holders

Move Cases of Soda, Water to Prep or Breakdown

Open Wine Bottles, Prep Cocktail Area

Store Away Stemware, Prep for Return to Party Rental

Breakdown Boxes for Recycle

Vacuum, Wash Floors

Fingerprint Removal on Doors and Switches

Set Out or Remove Bar Garnishes and Bottles

Wipe Down Outdoor Patio Furniture

Clean Outdoor Kitchen

Clean and Polish BBQ (Exterior Only)

Clean and Organize Hall Closet for Coat Check

Organize Pantry Before or After Celebrations

Clean Patio Sliders Inside and Out

Launder/Fold Tablecloths, Napkins, Pool Party Towels

Wipe Down Entry Doors, Threshold, Vacuum Outdoor Area Rugs

Set Up Tables, Chairs (No Lifting over 20lbs)

Deep Clean Kitchen

Deep Clean Bathrooms

Stock Toilet Paper, Put Fresh Hand Towels in Bathrooms

Hauling Gage/Recycle to Receptacles

Packing or Unpacking Holiday Ornaments

Hang Decorations (No ladders over 6′)

Loot, Raffle, Game Prize and Gift Bag Prepping

Planning, Sourcing and Purchasing Event Support


Seller Staging

Home Staging can increase your likelihood to receive Buyer offers faster and with less depreciating of your home’s true value.   It can also provide an aesthetic for Seasonal Decorating that your creativity simply doesn’t. 

Let’s Dive Deeper for those who need to Sell!

We aim to stage your home in a complimentary way so that Buyers can picture what it may look like with their own items in the places that count. 

✱Allow people to mentally move in and get in a routine during the time you start listing or maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule, especially if you are still living in the home.

✱Attention to entryways, dining area, living areas and bedrooms will be our staging focus with the furniture pieces recommended to leave behind or put into place.

✱Decluttering and Depersonalizing is key – we want to open up the spaces and only leave minimal furniture behind to establish a lived in look without the lived in reality. Pictures, clothing, table and counter clad objects or products, toys, games, animal items and any unnecessary fixtures should be packed away.

✱Lighting if not natural with open curtains but with new bulbs in the spaces that require it are a must. Guests or future buyers should see what each space looks like.

✱Lighting if not natural with open curtains but with new bulbs in the spaces that require it are a must. Guests or future buyers should see what each space looks like.

✱Repairs where necessary to patching holes, re-caulking, refinishing, painting or patching damaged walls and flooring, tightening handles, faucets and any necessary electrical/plumbing should be already on your “to-do” list with a local handyman pre-sale. S.O.S can also provide a variety of services to assist you with the needs. 

✱If selling “as is”, the need for staging should only be considerate of a deep clean and exterior landscape so that a potential buyer can view the home in it’s entirety without furniture covering or masking any surface.

✱Stage where it counts and allow us to deep clean your home to ensure it removes the “lived in” look. 

✱Using neutral colors for your paint touch ups and leave behind items like bedding and towels similar to that of a standard hotel setting is also highly recommended. Any colorful painting as well as furniture takes away from the property as it reflects personality which we all hone uniquely.

✱Remember always, less is more.

Staging Tips
  • Put and Keep Fresh Flowers Out
  • If Occupied, Avoid Cooking with Strong Smells
  • Consider Baking a Sweet Treat Prior to Showings
  • If Occupied, Consider Leaving during Showings
  • Keep a Routine Cleaning Schedule Post Staging and Deep Clean
  • Maintain Curbside Appeal leading up to your BIg Day or if Selling with Upkeep to the Lawns/Gardens
  • Unoccupied Homes Should Consider Rental Services 


(see pricing options)


What happens Next and How can S.O.S help?

To begin the process of selling your home, first decide on the date when you want it to be listed on the market. Keep in mind that in may take from 4-6 weeks to schedule an initial consultation with a staging professional and have their designs implemented.

It’s important to note that staging professionals tend to be the busiest during the peak season for home sales, which is typically between May and July.

Our packages all include our initial consultation with a comprehensive walk through followed up by our detailed reports which will include an official planogram fit to scale for each area in your home. A list to coincide with recommended re-allocations, removals or rentals you should consider while you show and sell your home as well as a DIY staging checklist.

S.O.S can also arrange the sourcing, replacements and removal of any items to further store or take you one step further to help organize, declutter and coordinate any service contractors required where upgrades or repairs may be noted.


Parties & Events

There are many other life events that may require S.O.S Home Staging but let’s start with Life Moments, with our specialty – Children’s Birthdays! No matter what age, we know we can entertain and set the stage for even the pickiest child!

Themed parties are always a hit as we delight the young and old with games, interactive activities, attire, special guests and much more more! From our invites, decor, loot bags and snacks, to the custom cakes and lifelong memories to come, check out our unique division here at S.O.S with Party in a Pinch!

Vacation Rentals Clean & Care

In the Niagara Region there are over 500 vacation rentals so we can only imagine how owners must be tied down to the upkeep and supervision of their believed properties.

S.O.S can be there when you can’t!

We know that owners that meet & greet their guests are less likely to have guests that mistreat and misuse the rentals they invest in for their getaway stays.

We can show your guests into their accommodations; go over the basics while doing a walk-through by their side; check identifications to ensure only those on the reservations are there to stay; and provide a nearby contact who will also be there promptly at checkout to ensure their departure has gone smoothly.

We will work off a check list customized to your requirements and clean the property back to it’’s ‘ready to rent’ original state.

Seasonal Decorating

It can be daunting, time consuming, a pain in the butt or just out of your wheelhouse but we know it’s also a beautiful tradition to decorate and keep up with Jones’s in that holiday spirit.
That’s where S.O.S can lend a hand with our keen ability to create an inviting esthetic that guests, owners and all who experience the festivities with flair can enjoy and appreciate coming home to throughout each season. Give yourself this gift that keeps on giving and save yourself the ladders, boxes and ornamental hassle of decorating your home inside and out, today
*decor not included and owner must provide or state a budget upon consultation in mind for pass-through costs for the purchasing decisions our team can also customize for your Seasonal Decorating needs.

The Good Neighbour


We work with homeowners who can’t facilitate the onsite check ins, restock, cleaning & esthetic upkeep of their rental properties in the region. For peace of mind, we extend what you need. 

Putting on the Ritz*

Getting sale ready or perhaps you just need to impress your guests..but for whatever your reasons, let us put your main areas on display! Removal, reallocation or rented additions can be staged to show off your space, with modern style and taste!

Those “Big” Days

Event services include all the pre/post supports needed for any size function. We also help with Seasonal Decorating. Moving In/Out boxing and getting curbside ready for sales, we do it all!